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This is the portable wicking style container we feature in our Grow Bucket Workshops.

Perfect for small spaces in your yard, or placing a few on your patio, this bucket uses the technique of wicking water up to the roots of your plant.
Residual salts are normal concerns for plants watered by our municipal water, and to wash salts from the soils of our potted plants they need a good long top watering.  This is necessary, but it also takes other nutrients too.  By watering from the bottom, the soil filters out the salts before they reach the roots.

If you can't attend one of the workshops and just prefer to have a pre-made bucket, this is the answer.  We use recycled white food grade buckets, and make all the necessary holes to make this system work.  

Just add your own potting mix and amendments, and it is ready for the starter plant of your choice.

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