Don't forget - Each tree & plant needs Starter Amendments and Fertilizer!

Pickup in North Glendale
Pickup in North Glendale

Pickup in North Glendale

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Pick up at Morning Star Garden in North Glendale.
Ray Jess has graciously offered to have local pickup at his home. He is mostly-retired so has a wider window of pick up times, but he still needs you to schedule with him directly. Please do not show up without an appointment. Contact information will be sent once your order is confirmed. Location is near 51st Avenue and Union Hills.
Availability = Pick up available by appointment.
Typical items available include: Liquid amendments, drip tape, pest management, chlorine filters, myco, small tools, and sometimes  Tanks Supermix, as well as Large bags of Azomite, Bioflora and wood chip mulch.

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