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Planting a tree in the Southwest Desert requires a little planning and the right supplies to help your soil support a fruit tree for long term success. 

Here is the right way to start off on that success.

  1. Use a good healthy planting mix like Farmer Greg's Planting mix - you will need about 2 bags of this per tree. This will help you introduce new medium into the hole and give you a little bit left over to mix with the original soil removed from the hole for building a berm creating the 6' diameter basin. This is Part 1 our of "6-6 rule".

    You can use the left over for your gardens or potting needs.

  2. For each tree hole we also recommend adding the following amendments: mycorrhizae (1-2 oz), Azomite minerals (2 lbs), and worm castings (2lbs) - add this to the soil mixture going in to the planting hole. For added success you can add an ORGANIC fertilizer (1-2 cups) at this step, but ONLY use organic fertilizer.

    Note: these quantities are updated from previous years due to extreme weather.

  3. Then on top of the soil around the already planted tree you add 6 inches of a non-treated woody mulch like our Tree-Well Top Mulch (Part 2 of "6-6 rule"). You will need at least 4 bags per tree, and if you are willing we would suggest 8 bags per newly planted tree. This should be replenished on an annual basis to help keep weeds out and build healthy soil underneath. This creates a wonderful environment for a healthy soil ecosystem which will feed and protect your tree.

Our "6-6 Rule"
A six foot basin with six inches of woody mulch is a key to protecting your tree roots during the harsh seasons of the southwest desert.  This is an ongoing process, which means the basin can expand for larger trees and the mulch will need to be replenished as it breaks down into healthy soil.