Liquid Soil Amendment, SOUL
Soul liquid soil amendment

Liquid Soil Amendment, SOUL

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A liquid soil amendment that improves the intake of fertilizers and nutrients.
For use in the soil and in foliar applications.

The molecular structure of Soul is different from a typical acid. Soul contains multiple organic acids, which cannot be clearly identified as one molecule. It can be directly applied to the soil or used in foliar applications. When applied to the soil, nutrients are transported across the cell membrane of the roots. When used as a foliar, Soul stimulates guard cells, opening up the stomata allowing nutrients to freely transport into the cell.

What makes SOUL so unique?
Soul is nature's organic acid. This natural chelator binds and solubilizes all minerals that can be metabolized by the plant cells. The ability of Soul to penetrate and translocate minerals throughout the plant are endless.  When added to any nutrient solution, Soul may increase nutrient bio-availability and may reduce the overall amount of fertilizer inputs. 

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